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July 12, 2020

The Humble Joy of Breakfast in a Time of Crisis

April 5, 2020

The Weekly: A Panic-Free Mexican Vacation

March 22, 2020

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January 2, 2020

Assistant Editor & Digital Content Producer/Worth Media

A few of my favorites:

Why Andrew Zimmern Made a Food Show About Politics

Editor's Pick: Dinner at Cathédrale, New York

How a Former Skadden Lawyer Founded a Mentorship Program for Girls


Contributing Writer/MyTherapistSays

A few of my favorites:

5 Food-Themed Beauty Products That Are Actually Amazing

6 Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following On Instagram

5 Fragrances That Are Perfect For Winter


National Contributing Writer/Her Campus

A few of my favorites:

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting the Perfect Manicure

4 Noteworthy Things Tom Hiddleston Did Before He Kissed Taylor Swift 

What College Women Think of Being Called 'Baby' & Other Pet Names

I Only Ate Meals From Chrissy Teigen's Cookbook for 3 Days & Here's How It Went

3 Reasons Why You Should Shop in the Men's Section

Here's Everything We Know About Justin Timberlake's New Album


Department Editor & Digital Editor/Vox

A few of my favorites I edited as a department editor:

White space: a essays series examining white privilege

     – I edited the stories 'Abigail Hollis', 'Coming to America', 'Dissenting Voices' and

'Is Justice Blind?'

Craft beer explosion: CoMo gets crafty

     – I edited the stories about beer labels, Logboat Brewery, Bur Oak Brewery, pale ale, beer cocktailsgluten-free beer, and I wrote a story on brewers' favorite cheap beers

Q&A: Artist Hannah Reeves talks curation, bleach and death

"It Happened" art exhibit displays work created by survivors of sexual assault

Local tattoo artist shares the trendiest inks of the past and present


And some online packages I edited as a digital editor:

Thicker than water: stories from the Missouri River

Worth the work: the strength of MU wheelchair basketball


Plus, a few of my favorites I wrote as a digital editor:

Columbia Grown showcases the best of farm-to-table cuisine

A day in the life of 44 Canteen pastry chef Melissa Poelling

Vox takes New York City

Q&A: Melissa Williams brings modern art to mid-Missouri

Three easy recipes for this year's predicted food trends


Editorial Contributer/The Lala

Uncertain About Post-Grad Life? 15 Quotes That Get You

5 Women Explain What Makes Flattery Different From Objectification


Editorial Intern/Sauce Magazine

4 bottomless drinking brunches

BLK MKT Eats will open next month in Midtown


Senior Staff Writer/MOVE Magazine

Zayn takes new direction on "Mind of Mine"

– For those about to (punk) rock, 5SOS is here to help

Syllabus week = major jam sesh

Five songs for finals


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