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Quickie: Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino

March 28, 2018

At first sip, the Crystal Ball Frappe was definitely peachy, but almost medicinal. The peach flavor is more artificial than that of a fresh, juicy peach. I think the medicinal effect comes from it's sugary sweetness mixed with the artificial peach flavor. It truly reminds me of a creamy pink medicine I used to take for ear infections when I was little. If it’s any consolation, I liked the flavor of that medicine when I was a kid. 


Outside of the medicinal flavor, I found the drink had much more of a vanilla flavor than I was expecting, which was nice. The Crystal Ball Frappe came in three different colors, but my frappe was green, and I don’t love that color in a frappe. But green is for luck, so it's hard to be mad at that.


Also, Starbucks originally had said that the whipped cream would be peach-flavored, but if mine was, than it was very, VERY subtle. There was a little bit of a tang, but it wasn’t distinctively peachy. 


All in all, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is like all the other fad frappes: an exciting concept that is altogether too sweet and a little disappointing because largely the concept is based on aesthetics over flavor. I just have one question for Starbs: can the next fad frappe at least have coffee in it?

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