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7 Beauty Products to Pick Up This Fall

September 5, 2018

Labor Day has passed, which means fall is officially right around the corner. We here at The Residential Blonde love everything about fall, but what’s getting us pumped right now (besides the return of our beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte) is all of the newly released and soon-to-be-released beauty products. From affordable to high-end, we’ve found a bunch of amazing new beauty products for you to get your hands on this fall.  



1. ColourPop’s Ultra Metallic Lipstick  


Metallic lipstick is just one of this fall’s beauty trends, but honestly who cares if it’s trending or not because the effect of a metallic lippie is so pretty. And ColourPop rocks the metallic lip game, especially with their new fall lipstick bundle called OTW, which has four pinky-toned metallic lipsticks, including our fave, the gorgeous rose shade Mic Check. Plus, ColourPop’s formula is so comfy on the lips.




2. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder – Glow


Everyone knows Laura Mercier is the queen of setting powders. But setting powder with pearl pigments? Yes, please! Their new setting powder has a glowy finish, which we’re obsessed with. Glowy skin is pretty on everybody, and with colder weather (and therefore, dull and dry skin) approaching, it’s time to load up on products that will help us achieve that Beyoncé-esque glowing-from-within look. And you know what they say: the higher the radiance, the closer to the Queen.  




3. Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette


Okay, okay, technically this one’s not on the market yet, but according to Allure, it sounds like it will be sometime this fall. Urban Decay’s original Naked palette is the stuff of legend, but sadly it’s being discontinued (so grab it while it’s on sale!). Naturally the Naked Cherry palette is coming to push the Naked legacy forward. @trendmood1’s Instagram post shows the palette is made up of beautiful mauve and berry shades, which would make for such an amazing fall palette, so let’s hope we can our hands on this super soon!



4. Ofra Cosmetics x NIKKIETUTORIALS Space Baby & Cloud 9


We love an extraterrestrial glow here at The Residential Blonde, and whoa, do these highlighters deliver on that. Ofra Cosmetics’ highlighters are absolutely beautiful and wet-looking on the skin. Their latest NIKKIETUTORIALS collab brings us that delicious formula with a blue reflect in Space Baby and a pink reflect in Cloud 9. Are they the most wearable highlighters ever? Maybe not, but they are an awfully fun way to change up your highlight game this fall.



5. Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil and Diamond Milk Gloss Bomb


Rihanna’s formidable beauty line Fenty Beauty is launching two new icy products this Friday to celebrate the company’s one-year anniversary. And of course, these new products will have us dripping in diamonds. Meet the Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil and the Diamond Milk Gloss Bomb. We love a Fenty launch, but this one looks absolutely to-die-for. Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb is the OG, and it’s quite possibly the best lip gloss of all-time, so this pearly version is bound to be incredible. As for the Diamond Bomb, it’s being marketed as the wintery sister to Fenty’s Body Lava, which launched in early summer. The difference between the two is that Diamond Bomb is a jelly-to-powder formula. And honestly, it looks absolutely stunning! We don’t know about you, but we could always use some more diamonds in our life.




6. Essence’s Spice Up Your Life Palette


This super affordable Ulta find is the perfect palette for fall. The shades are autumnal bliss in both the colors and the names. The colors range from peachy oranges to smoky burgundies to shimmery olive greens, and if the shades didn’t have you falling in love, then their names will. Who doesn’t want to rock Cha Cha Sriracha, Cayenne My Man, Spiced Apple Cider, and Habanero Honey shades on their lids? It’s like being able to wear your food in the chicest way possible, and we’re into that.

 7. NARS Climax Mascara


A new season means it’s time to replace that old, dried out mascara we’ve been using all summer. Luckily, NARS has released a new mascara that looks very promising. Will it be your new favorite? Quite possibly. It’s been met with some seriously good reviews, plus you can buy the mascara on NARS website with free shipping, which is super cool, and why don’t companies do that more? We might buy way more new releases that way. Just saying.




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