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3 St. Louis Brunch Spots You Need to Try This Weekend

There are a ton of brunch places in St. Louis, and we are #blessed for that. Honestly, brunch is the best meal ever; who doesn’t love eating breakfast into the afternoon while spilling all the latest tea with your closest friends and family? Brunch just feels indulgent, and because you only have it once a week (probably), it should be! With that in mind, here are three of St. Louis’ tastiest brunch spots that you totally need to check out.

1. The Clover and The Bee

What makes this place a truly great brunch spot is the atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, the food is great. The menu offers everything from truly delicious biscuits and gravy to perfectly balanced French toast, but the vibe of the place is just so cute. The big, beautiful flowers painted onto the wall with gold lining around them are absolutely stunning, not to mention that a big, beautiful case of desserts and pastries greets you when you walk in. As if that wasn’t enough, The Clover and The Bee also has great coffee that you can get with (or, of course, without) a variety of yummy syrups, including lavender, cardamom or pumpkin spice. AND the baristas can do latte art, which is never not enjoyable to get atop your cup of coffee. This is the type of place you want to set up shop in on a Saturday morning, and just relax, sip your coffee and have long conversations with friends.

2. Knead Bakehouse + Provisions

Get ready to meet your new favorite café. Knead is a bakery and café that serves up desserts that all incorporate the house dough: sourdough. It might sound weird, but a sourdough donut isn't half bad. And a sourdough chocolate chip cookie the size of your face? Crazy good. Like, your-new-favorite-cookie kind of good. But what really puts Knead over the edge are the breakfast sandwiches. We’re talking the best breakfast sandwich you’ve ever had. It’s got buttery homemade brioche, fluffy eggs, garlicky aioli, fresh tomatoes and some microgreens to add a little bit of brightness and round out the whole affair. It’s exactly what a breakfast sandwich should be. Plus, Knead offers some great drinks, including Blueprint coffee, an array of colorful house-made juices and strikingly well-balanced vanilla bean lemonade. If you’re looking for a a hearty breakfast in a neighborhood café setting, look no further than Knead.

3. Sardella

Rounding out our brunch list is the Italian-inspired Sardella. Although the blue-and-white interior gives major Greek Isles vibes, most of the food is a twist on classic Italian offerings. You can have dessert for breakfast with the bread pudding French toast. You can have pasta (!) for breakfast with the cacio e pepe eggs. Or you can have the best riff on a classic brunch dish ever: the eggs Benedict raviolo. That’s right, all the flavors of eggs Benedict stuffed inside a raviolo and topped with brown butter hollandaise. It’s, quite possibly, the most innovative brunch dish in St. Louis, which makes it required eating at least once in your life if you’re an eggs Benedict enthusiast. And if you’re not, then you should still probably eat this because it might change your mind. For the person who doesn't believe there is such a thing as too much pasta, Sardella is your jam.

The weekend needs to get here and fast because we’ve got a serious brunch craving right about now (or actually, all the time). What can we say? It’s the best meal of the week, and The Clover and The Bee, Knead and Sardella prove that point.