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What Lipstick You Should Pick Up From The Crème Shop’s New Lip Collections

The Crème Shop, a K-beauty-inspired beauty brand, just launched three new lipstick collections, ranging from lip stains to velvet matte cushion lipsticks to satin and matte bullet lipsticks. I was very fortunate to be sent 24 (yes, 24!) of the new lippies to try out. So while I didn't try out every single one, I did spend my week wearing only lipsticks from The Crème Shop's new launches. Here's what I thought, and which of its new lipsticks I think are the most worth picking up.


Wearing my new pink, black and white checkered plaid blazer, I opted for the brown nude Shortbread shade in the Read My Lipstick: Silky Satin formula. I usually put chapstick underneath all my lipsticks, but I actually had to wipe off my chapstick to get the lippie to stick to my lips. But this formula is so buttery, I didn’t even need the chapstick barrier underneath. The satin formula is like a very hydrating lip tint, and I definitely had to use my fingers to blend it out because the color was hard to deposit closer to the edge of my lips, but I also usually blend out my lipsticks with my finger, so I wasn’t bothered by this. It’s not a long-lasting formula, but it doesn’t give off the impression that it would be, so that was fine by me, too. Overall, I like the shade and the formula. I don’t know that it would be a go-to for me, since I typically opt for matte lipsticks in my day-to-day, but it’s definitely nice if you like a satiny lipstick formula.


To offset my black and white cardigan and black turtleneck, I chose the Read My Lipstick: Velvety Matte in the shade Cozy, which is a nude brown shade that it just a tad darker than Shortbread. I really like this shade, and the formula itself is nice too. I made the mistake of using a lip liner that was too dark, which made the whole lip look off to me, so then I tried to blot it to fix the problem, which made the lipstick way too dry. So I tried to salvage it with some lip gloss, which promptly ate away at the lipstick (*insert face palm emoji here*). I didn’t have time to redo it before leaving the house, so when I got to work, I started again and just applied some of my trusty cherry Chapstick and then went over top with the lipstick, using my finger to blend it out. Much better. The shade was exactly the nude brown I wanted and with the chapstick underneath, it was very comfortable and lasted for a while without becoming too dry. The takeaways here are 1) don’t blot and 2) blending it out is better than using a lip liner, at least for my intended look. I would absolutely wear this shade again and could see myself using this pretty regularly.


My initial thought for today was to put on a red lipstick, but after deciding on my outfit (a beige cardigan with a black shirt and high-waisted blue jeans), I did my makeup and ended up with a soft brown, gold eye look, so the red seemed too aggressive. Instead, I opted for the Cushion Lipstick in the shade Nude Mood. The nude shade turned out to be peachier than I was expecting, but I ended up really liking it with the look. I don’t tend to gravitate toward peachy/orangey nudes, but I could see myself wearing this again. The formula itself is super lightweight, like to a point where it feels like you have nothing on your lips. The applicator is interesting, too, because it’s kind of a spongey bulb which picks up product from inside the cap of the lipstick. The applicator picks up enough for my lips that I don’t have to dip back in, which is also nice. Overall, I wouldn’t say I wasn't blown away by the formula, but I do like it. I will definitely be trying out another shade.


I knew that I wanted to go for something more colorful today instead of my usual nude situation. In the various lip collections I was sent, there are a ton of red tones. So today I wore the Cushion Lipstick again in the shade Thanks Berry Much, which is a reddened berry shade. It complemented my burgundy shirt and mauve floral bomber jacket quite nicely. The cushion lipstick itself looked nice on my lips. Again, the formula was super lightweight on my lips. And today I skipped breakfast, so the lipstick lasted basically until lunch. Even after there was still a little stain of it left behind on my lips, so it’s decently long-lasting, though I definitely would need to reapply to get the full effect all day. Overall, it’s maybe not my favorite lipstick to wear all over my lips. But! I really like the idea of using it for that popsicle-stained look that’s trendy right now, where you concentrate a red or pink lippie in the center of your lips and then blend it out into your natural lips. For that look, I think this lipstick would be absolutely amazing.


Today I opted for a casual, neutral look of high-waisted blue jeans and a cozy grey sweater so I could again play with color. The only new formula I hadn’t officially tried out yet was the Lip Juice Stain. I wanted to do this at the end of the week because when I tested it last weekend, one of the darker tones stained my lips for over a day, so I can already confirm that it is long-lasting. Today I went for the shade Raspberry Realness, which is this pretty bright red color. I think it would be really nice for summer, but I also don’t feel it’s out of place to wear now. I blended out the lip stain with my finger (and then aggressively wiped it off my finger, which is predictably stained, but not too bad). I focused the color on the inner middle of both of my lips and then blended it out, which gave me exactly the popsicle-stained look I was going for yesterday. It looks super cute and a little watercolor-y, which I think is really pretty.

All in all, I wouldn’t say I’m blown away by the new lipsticks, but I am definitely intrigued by them. Of the new collections, my favorite is the Lip Juice Stain. I think they’re so fun! The packaging is really cute, and they’re all scented to match the fruits they’re named after, which I find very nostalgic. Plus, I like the color selections in this collection a lot. My biggest critique is that I want more light nudes in these collections that don’t have an orange or peach undertone. But I really liked the brown nudes in the different collections as something different from my normal pink-toned nude lipsticks. For the price point ($10 per lipstick across all three collections), I do think these are worth trying out, especially if you like K-beauty trends. I’ve been trying to achieve that popsicle-stained look for a while now, and the stain I used on Friday is the first time I’ve ever successfully achieved it. So while I don’t think anything here was revolutionary, I do think they’re fun products that could ultimately enter into my daily routine.