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The Weekly: A Panic-Free Mexican Vacation

A New York minute:

Thursday, 4:23 p.m.

The waters between Playa Del Carmen and the Mexican island of Cozumel are incredibly choppy. How do I know? Because I’m riding a ferry in between them. And on this, our trip back to Playa Del Carmen, my stomach is doing considerably better than on the trip to Cozumel, but still not great. I’m telling you, I’ve never gotten seasick, and today is no exception, but as I get older my stomach is getting increasingly more sensitive. I’m finding what’s helping is looking at the water, ironically, and typing this. In 10ish minutes, we’ll be back in Playa Del Carmen, walking Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue), which is also the name of the street I work on in New York. Tomorrow we head back to that panicked city where we will be subject to staying at home as per the new city mandate. But I would much prefer to be here.

Story that should be on your radar:

Since I've been in Mexico all week, I've stayed off the internet, so I'll have some stories for you next week.

Food for thought:

Mexican vanilla is the stuff. I picked some up on our trip to Mexico, and I'm so excited to use. I'm convinced it elevates all my baked goods. I'm also excited to try out some cinnamon and cocoa I bought from a spice shop in Cozumel.

Beauty hot take:

Body wash is not face wash. This has been a PSA. But for real, please don't use shower gel to wash your face, even if you don't have acne. Get some Cetaphil or something.

Best product of the week:

A silver infinity ring with tiny crystals all around it that my boyfriend bought for me in Mexico. It's super pretty and nickel-free so I can wear it without my finger turning green.

One last thought:

I already miss Playa Del Carmen. The weather was the perfect temperature the whole time and there was almost no sense of panic. Considering I felt panicked just about the thought of returning to New York, I would really love to go back to the beach right about now.